Field as name of exported file?

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athurin posted this 27 September 2017


We are currently testing out ABBYY FlexiCapture for our company, one question I have (which would be perfect for us) is whether it is possible that when a field that is captured from a form- in this case a member card number, would it be possible that the file created when exported be automatically given the captured card number as its name?

Cheers and thanks for any responses!


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Collins Sarmento posted this 28 September 2017

Hi Alex, 


You would need to make this field and index field and then you can use it in the filename.

To make the field an index field we you will need to open the filed properties and on the general tab and there is a checkbox for index field.

Once the field is set to be an index you can then open the export setting and change the file naming to advanced and the key should be in the list. See screenshots attached.




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