field position in labeled field

  • Last Post 15 May 2018
smoothwood posted this 27 April 2018


I have two situations:

1. the field is right of the field name

2. the field is below field name

How I can use only one labeled field to handle these two situations?

AlexeyEfremov posted this 15 May 2018


I am terribly sorry for the late answer.

The short answer is - you cant, you have to use 2 different elements to recognize it.

But you can choose what element to take as the source of the data in the expression field of the block:

if SearchElements.Barcode1.IsFound then {

  OutputRegion = SearchElements.Barcode1.Region;


if SearchElements.Barcode2.IsFound then {

   OutputRegion = SearchElements.Barcode2.Region;