field value not selectable on invoice

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nitin singh posted this 4 weeks ago

There are few fields on invoice which are not selectable by clicking on it and selecting text and by selecting the text area as well. Is there any way to capture the field value.

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Collins Sarmento posted this 3 weeks ago

Make sure you check the checkbox for "Can have region" on the field properties tab. Let me know if that doesn't work

Rahul Kapoor posted this 3 weeks ago

It could be because your document has text layer for some text and not for the others. Change pre-recognition property to "Use OCR only"

nitin singh posted this 3 weeks ago

hi Collins,

"Can have region " is selected for the field. 

prabu selvam posted this 3 weeks ago


Try to change Flexi Studio pre-recognition property 


-- Go to FlexiLayout -> Properties

-- General Tab-> Click on Advanced pre-recognition propertries

-- Select Text type as Typographic and Matrix 

-- Recognize mode -> Balanced


And try