File Name Export after Rescanning

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ErikaColombo posted this 4 weeks ago

Hi all,

I am working on ABBYY flexicapture Distributed 12 on a project that does the following:

1. Retrieves a file from an hotfolder

2. Process autonomously the file

3. Auto-export the file, the exported csv file has the name of the file in input (es input: Invoice-110011.pdf, output:Invoice-110011.csv)

The files that requires verification are sent to a Web Verification Station and processed by the users manually.

The user may request rescanning and then the doc is sent to the Scanning Station where a user manages the document (mostly the user crops the document and splits it in multiple pages).

When the document is sent back to the project to be recognized and then exported but the name of the csv is {Empty value}.csv

So far the export settings are defined within the document definitions and the exported file is correctly associated to the Document definition.

How can I set the correct exporting value?

Thank you so much for your help



Ekaterina posted this 1 weeks ago


You may use the registration parameter in the following scenario:

Before recognition, the program should check whether the registration parameter filled: 

- If “no” the document name set directly and after recognition this name should be saved, 

- if “yes” file should receive the name from the parameter.

Please see the link: