Fill in value from database into an Index field

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MyAvatar posted this 27 December 2018


I have an external database filled with vendors and bankaccounts. (Mainaccount)

Running invoices through production
On my document definition I would like to fill the index field "BankAccount" with the value from 
the chosen vendors Mainaccount database field. How Do I do that ?

I do not want any recognition/OCR work done in the BankAccount index field. It should simply take the value from the chosen vendor and fill in the value from its Mainaccount field.

Tried to do it by creating rules... So far no luck. Probably pretty simple. but so far it has eluded me:-)

Thx in advance.



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Vladimir Dimitrijevic posted this 15 January 2019


What have you tried to accomplish with rules, to search thru dataset? Maybe it is easier to add this field to existing rule "Vendor must be found in database" and fill it from there?

Best regards,

MyAvatar posted this 17 January 2019

I will get to testing your suggestion shortly