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The619 posted this 27 February 2019

 Hello everyone, 

i'm new to this forum, so let me try to explain my problem. 

I have a document with more than 1 page. In Flexi Layout i already set the project property to allow multiply pages. 

Now i import the FL to FC and try to capture the document there. First page will be recognize as "document region 1" as set in the document definition, but page number 2 will be set as "document region 1 [2]" and get their own region in the capturewindow. My target is that every page will be set as "document region 1" and that flexi capture will search the needed information from each page without creating a new sub document region [2] or [3] 

I already set the document definition property to 1 - 100 

How can i collect all information i need from each page without creating attachment pages? 

Hope you understand my problem.

Best regards


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Ekaterina posted this 11 April 2019


Could you please send us the screenshot of your document section property in the document definition editor? The "Document Structure" and "FlexiLayout" tab should be shown.

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The619 posted this 11 April 2019

Hello Ekaterina,

thank you for you response. I found myself already a solution.

The solution is to remove the footer from the FlexiLayout menu. So every page will be handled now as "Document region 1" and i can mark everything on page 2 or 3 which will directly move to the before marked input field.