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sampat_g123 posted this 21 September 2018

I would like to know if flexi capture have the capability to import jpg files from hot folder , ordered from  the smallest creation date to latest creation date .   Thank you very much.

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Ekaterina posted this 04 October 2018


You may extract the creation date from the IPage.ImageSource property (Appendix > Using scripts in ABBYY FlexiCapture > Scripts for customizing processing stages > Objects > IPage). The you may set this value to the registration parameter. Then you may sort your files by this parameter. See the sample:

Page.Document.Properties.Set("SourceImageTime",new FileInfo(Page.ImageSource).CreationTime.ToString("yyyy/MM/dd HH-mm-ss"));

This script read file info and create property with creation time of source image.



sampat_g123 posted this 04 October 2018


Ekaterina, thank you for answering ,  but I think I can't do this because in my installation , I have set image import profile to create new batches for imported images automatically and  numbers of files to add ,  to several (1-50) .


Let me explain my problem with more details .  Our clients scan invoices in their office , and a web service import to hot folder these images.


 Sometimes due to lot of invoices, flexicapture can not recognize all one-day invoices. The next day flexicapture recognize today's invoices and not the day before. After finish with today's invoices continue with day before invoices.  Any idea ...  Thank very much


Ekaterina posted this 11 October 2018


Thank you for the provided description of your scenario. Your "yesterday" files that are not processed until the "today" most probably have the names that put them into the end of list sorted by alphabet. 

Files are taken from the HotFolder by the alphabetic order and unfortunately it cannot be changed. 

As a workaround we may propose you to modify the incoming file names by adding the date in the beginning, and so the files will be auto-arranged by date and processed in date order too.