FlexiCapture 11: Special proof export format for multiple choice

  • Last Post 07 November 2018
tomdee3 posted this 22 October 2018

Hi from Germany,

I'm really new to FlexiCapture, working on a questionnaire with one specific question.

User can choose between 6 options (marking fields), let's say A, B, C, D, E and F.

Every multiple combination between A to E is allowed, but no combination with "F" ("F" may only be marked alone). I'm not sure how to configure this in FC. I have seen that there "rules", but I don't know to to handle them :-(

My next problem is that I need an export for this field in binary Format, e.g.:
010010 or 111110

Can anybody help me with this problem? 



Ekaterina posted this 07 November 2018


You may add the script rule to the non-checkmark field or group as demonstrate at the screenshot and select all required fields to customize there relations. Also you may set the format of the value (for example the binary format).