FlexiCapture and PDF files

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Dilshat Uteshev posted this 02 July 2018

Hello dear forum members,

I have long used FlexiCapture tool for solving some of my business tasks, in particular text extraction from scanned documents.

But recently I was confronted with the strange behavior of the FC. I created flexilayout in FLS, which worked just well with pdf file ABC. Then I added this flexilayout into Document Definiton of FC project and successfully tested it there with pdf file ABC as well.

But FC failed with this doc, although all the pre-processing settings were the same as in FLS (b/w converting, etc.). According to available poor FC logs - header of flexilayout was successfully matched with quality 1, but then matching was failed due to some mysterious reasons.

I tried different things, but nothing helped. Then I converted this pdf file ABC into png image files and run them again. And it worked!

It may help to some of you.

But my question to ABBYY specialists. Which requirements PDF file should satisfy? Why FC works well with PNG file but not with absolutely the same document in PDF format?

Thank you

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Ekaterina posted this 05 July 2018


Thank you for your feedback. Please send your project and the sample's image to the regional support.

Dilshat Uteshev posted this 05 July 2018

Why are you asking for my project? 

The main question I asked: Do you have any requirements input PDF file should meet? And why FC works well with PNG file but not with absolutely the same document in PDF format?

Dilshat Uteshev posted this 11 July 2018

Any answer so far?

Ekaterina posted this 23 July 2018


Sorry for the long wait for answer.

Thank you again that you drew our attention to this situation. This issue should be fixed. Unfortunately we need your project and original picture files to start the ticket.

Dilshat Uteshev posted this 27 July 2018

Sure, no problem. Where should I send it?

Ekaterina posted this 31 July 2018


Please follow this link https://www.abbyy.com/support/contacts/ and send your materials there.