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decibel83 posted this 12 December 2017

Hi all,

I created a new FlexiCapture 11 Project in which I added two FlexiLayouts.

I need a third FlexiLayout which should match every document not matched with the others, which should contain some empty required fields which should be filled with the Verification Station.

Are there any way to do this?

Thank you very much!


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Ekaterina posted this 14 December 2017


You need to create two stages in the advanced workflow:

On the first script stage all <Unknown> documents that come from previous stages match by the third layout with ForceMatch property.


On the second stage the third recognition performs.

decibel83 posted this 14 December 2017

Thanks Ekaterina!

If the document is Unknown it means that it was not matched even by the fallback Document Definition, so I could skip the third recognition stage and send the forced document directly to the verification, right?

What do you think about?

Ekaterina posted this 15 December 2017


Sorry, probably there was some misunderstanding in stages' numeration. The workflow schema should look like

- Recognition1 Stage (or default recognition). FL1 and FL2 are matched and recognized, all other documents become <Unknown>

- Script Stage (with entry condition that allows only <Unknown> documents inside) - cleans recognition results by IBatch::CleanRecognitionResults( document : IDocument ) method, then sets IMatchingInfo:efinitionsList to FL3 and ForceMatch to true

- Recognition2 Stage (linked to previous, so only ex-<Unknown> documents are admitted) forcematches the FL3 layout. If no OCR is really needed, then IMatchingInfo::NeedRecognition could be set up to false on the previous script stage, that will allow to speed up the processing.

So we have 3 stages, but only two of them are Recognition, and the Recognition2 is needed to create necessary fields in the documents.

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Oscar Sanchis posted this 17 January 2018

Hello Ekaterina,

I was reading your post and I tried to do what you refer.

I create two more stages, the first is Script Stage and allowing only <Unknown> documents, I clean the recognition results, in VBScript I use: Me.Batch.CleanRecognitionResults.

I create the second Recognition stage but when I want to force the FL3, is forced for all the Documents I introduce in the batch. I'm scripting in the event handler of the Batch Type.

What I'm doing wrong?


Ekaterina posted this 22 January 2018


Please look at the following topic:


especially the Method 2 Option 1 part. Here we tried to propose the same approach. As we can suggest, in your situation it does not work well because you are not using registration parameters applied selectively only to part of documents, so the "Before Matching" event handler affects all of them, but we cannot know it for sure because we don't see your project. 

Please apply the registration parameter to the documents that will need specific definition for them and then in the Before Matching event check for this parameter.