Flexicapture for invoice - Autopopulating the values from databases.

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lokeshkumar1995 posted this 24 February 2020



I have created a Database check rule in the DocDefintion under group and made one field value to be exact (not to copy field value)  - Capturing this field value from the sample which is exactly found in the database and other fields are set to copy the Field value from the database. I can see only the one field value which I am getting from the sample and other fields are empty. When I edit that one field in the verification to match the name in database(even though it is the same, I need to edit that field), it shows up that column from the database and auto-populates values to other fields in the Verification. How to configure them to get the value automatically from the database without manually doing it in the verification station.

I have created the Dataset mapping in the Doc defn and also created the rule in the group for each field to match the database column name with the field.


Do I need to do any scripting the values to be auto-populated from the database?

Can anybody help me with this issue, please?



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ElliotG posted this 29 April 2020

Hello, I am having the same problem.  Were you able to find a solution?

I have a column in my Vendor Dataset that I want to be autopopulated in the DocDef so I can reference it in Script Rules.


Jithin Gangadharan posted this 2 weeks ago




You can try enabling the rule which is responsible for filling vendor's fields from the DB.