Flexicapture not recognising rows in tables with lots of blank space

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thelastword posted this 26 February 2019

Dear all,

In creating a table element for a multi-page table, I have been successful in defining the header and footer. The nature of the table is such that there are only two rows per page, meaning that there is lots of empty space in each row. See the attached image for an idea of how the table is structured on the page. 

My issue is that is only the first row of the two in each page is recognized by Flexicapture in defining the table element. I've tried both the auto-recognize function and the master column function.

How can I get Flexicapture to recognize all rows in the table, even though there is a lot of empty space between each row?

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Ekaterina posted this 11 April 2019


Please use a repeating group to capture your table. More details you may see here https://help.abbyy.com/en-us/flexicapture/12/flexilayout_studio/repeatable_group_language


Fouzia Moussaoui posted this 5 days ago

Hello Ekatrina,


There is any way to remove empty rows from table after data extraction in FlexiCapture?


Best regards,