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A4IT posted this 3 weeks ago



So I'm having trouble understanding the script function in the worklfow setup > entry conditions:


Tis is my code example in c#

    Result.CheckSucceeded = false;
    Result.DocumentComment = "Warnings " + Document.HasWarnings.ToString();



Basically I want to also filter documents with warnings to go into verification station.


Is there a sample script somewhere, because the help documentation seems a bit to short ....

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mharper posted this 2 weeks ago

Use 'Result.CheckSucceeded = true' if you want the document to enter this stage and 'Result.CheckSucceeded = false' otherwise. You should really be using an IF-ELSE statement in this block because otherwise Result.CheckSucceeded will be undefined and the workflow won't know what to do with it.

Also, you'll need to move the comment above the checksucceeded line 

mharper posted this 1 weeks ago

Did this resolve your issue?