FlexiLayout: having two tables in Blocks and exporting them

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smoothwood posted this 3 weeks ago

Hello there,   I have an issue when having two tables in Blocks and exporting them   Background: I extract two tables from the document,  so I create two table Blocks, when exporting these two tables to excel, the data in first table is correct, but the data in second table duplicated.    Symptom: the number of data rows in first table is 18 and the exported excel contains 18 data rows which is correct,. The number of data rows in second table is 3, so the EXPECTED number of data rows in second exported excel should be 3,  but the actual number of data rows in second exported excel was 3*18 = 54, 3 expected data rows repetitively exported for 18 times. it seems each time when exporting one row for first table, 3 rows of second table exported that's why we have 3 * 18 = 54 rows in second excel. I tried to switch the two table Blocks order in FlexiLayout, the result is similar, the first excel contains 3 rows which is correct, and the second excel contains 18 * 3 = 54 row.   Could you please advise what's causing it and how to solve this issue?

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Ekaterina posted this 2 weeks ago


Could you please give us additional information what product do you using (FC10/FC11/FC12)?

smoothwood posted this 2 weeks ago

it's FC11


Ekaterina posted this 2 weeks ago


We cannot reproduce the issue on our side, so could you please send us your project, sample images and the screenshot that shows your layout structure.

smoothwood posted this 2 days ago

Hello Ekaterina,

Attached the pdf, please advise how I can send the project to you as zip file is not supported


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Ekaterina posted this yesterday


We offer  you to upload the project  archived with password-protection on any file storage by your choice, and then send us the link and the password by private message on this forum.

Otherwise you may contact your regional support and get private channel for transferring your project.

smoothwood posted this 12 hours ago


please download the whole project from here:


pdf included in "document" folder 

spreadsheets which includes extracted data are in "parsed" folder, if you go to that folder, you will see the issue I am talking about. 

FlexiCapture project file is in ./TableDemo/TableDemo/New Project folder