Flexilayout: keyword containing "|" (vertical bar)

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ToniKdao posted this 09 October 2019

Hi Dear All,

do you know if it is possible to look for a StaticText with keyword containing "|" vertical bar character?

Frame around table heading often generates "|No." for the article column. 
Flexilayout Studio does not allow to input this because | is reserved to designate keyword alternatives. See the screenshot in attachment.

Thank you in advance for any advice.



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MikeD posted this 17 October 2019

I don't believe it is possible.  You could try searching for just "No." as long as you don't use "whole words only" but being only 3 characters you leave yourself open to false positives.  There are other methods though for identifying columns but it all depends on how you've setup your layout; like whether you're trying to use a table element or more advanced methods.  We sometimes use separator counts to locate a given column when we have unreliable text.  White space can also be used.

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