FlexiLayout: Not enough memory for hypotheses

  • Last Post 04 February 2020
Ksawa posted this 01 August 2019


I get a message: " Not enough memory for hypotheses." when I match a layout to a document. 

and the document is not recognized when showing up the message. 

It occurs when matching the layout to multi-page document. Also the layout has a lot of elements. 

I have no idea why I get the message. 

What does it mean and how do I avoid this?


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Ekaterina posted this 04 December 2019



Please reduce the number of surviving hypothesis.


Ksawa posted this 04 December 2019

Reduce means to be zero??

Ekaterina posted this 06 December 2019


No, it means one ("1"). (The value by default is five ("5"))

MikeD posted this 04 February 2020

After we try reducing the number of surviving hypotheses to "1" and we still get the error message, is there anything else we can try?