Flexilayout Output Named Parameters

  • Last Post 22 August 2018
DusanS posted this 13 August 2018


I would like to use this functionality described in your online help:

The value of the registration parameter can be used when applying a FlexiLayout. The registration parameter can be passed to the input of both the main and an additional FlexiLayout. To do this, the input named parameter of the FlexiLayout in ABBYY FlexiLayout Studio must be of the String type and its name must match the name of the registration parameter of the document in ABBYY FlexiCapture.


References are here:




I have created FLS with:

SetOutputParameterString in Blocks section



GetNamedParameterString in Element section

I have used the same property name in document properties section as in FLS as Named Value



No value was retreived to FLS from Document Property during recognition stage execution (GetNamedParameterString)

No Document Property value was set from FLS after recognition stage execution(SetOutputParameterString)


As I understood these FLS functions should be used in order to read or set document properties. Am I Right? If Yes, which FC version supports that?


Thank you!


Ekaterina posted this 22 August 2018


Please describe how you want to use the named registration parameters in your scenario?