Floating search between two elements

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HeeeL posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi all!

I am hope for your help.

Faced a problem when finding search elements. There is a cell in the table that contains several important elements: driver, car number, container number, seal, and car make. Based on the size of each element, the location is difficult to track, I suppose that you can somehow make between the two elements. But how to do it while there are no thoughts, because the value can be on two lines. Any thoughts on that?

Thank you!


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Ekaterina posted this 1 weeks ago


Could you please provide some sample images (different variants) that will demonstrate the problem?
The copy of your FLS project would be also welcome, and we also need the detailed description, what information should be captured.

Please upload your project to any file-sharing service and send us the link in the private message.

HeeeL posted this 1 weeks ago

Below presented a couple of screenshots. Blue underlining is static elements. Red underline - changing elements. They can move to another line and it is not always clear what size. Those. there is no permanent pattern. I thought maybe there are some settings, or scripts, or something else that allows you to make the definition of an element from the blue to the blue line, moving on to the next line.






Sky posted this 6 days ago

I will get the whole cell in Flexilayout, then, try to use script in Flexicapture Project to due with the problem. (like get the string between 2 static element and the other are delete) 

HeeeL posted this 5 days ago

If the item is located on two lines, it does not hurt? I would be very grateful if you throw off the script.

Ekaterina posted this 2 days ago


Answered in the nearest topic: http://www.capturedocs.com/thread/finding-an-element-in-a-paragraph-between-two-static-elements/