Generic Invoice definition - Tweak for specific vendor

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MyAvatar posted this 24 May 2018


We have an ABBYY Invoice solution running.
Project contains only one definition, namely the INVOICE definition.
So all documents are Invoices.

We a specific supplier (dbo.vendor = 864) where the Total amount field and Invoice_date, does not exist.
It is because it is a specific type of document with different layout than an invoice.
We would like to pass Data through the system using our setup nevertheless.
I have added search phrases to dbo.vendor and the sytem finds the correct vendor (864).
But since there is no Total amount field (phrases) or invoice_date it would seem that the trainings I try to do are more or less ignored.

The search phrase for total amount is instead "ejer/brugerskifte" and then the value I want is to the very far right of the phrase.

The search phrase for INVOICENUMBER is "Stelnummer" and then a long textstring.

I am new to ABBYY, so any hint or advice would be appreciated.

Best Regards

But it seems that since I do not have an Invoicenumber and a totalamount fields it does not really qualify and remember the training. The classification will always be INVOICE since there is only one document definition in the project, but it does not really seem to qualify.




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MyAvatar posted this 24 May 2018


Do I have to create an additional Flexi-layout for the project ? Seems to be a bit much, since it is only for one vendor.

Ekaterina posted this 29 May 2018


Total is a required field (see the "ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices > Specifications > Available rules" article in the administrator help)

Please create the additional layout (see the " ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices > How to set up an invoice capture project > Capturing additional invoice fields > Special features of ABBYY FlexiLayout Studio for creating additional FlexiLayouts " article in the administrator help)

MyAvatar posted this 01 June 2018

Thank you. I think I have managed. 


Best Regards Thomas.