Getting the username of the verification operator automatically before export

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PhinkTad posted this 15 January 2018


I would like to get the windows username of the person who exported a document.

What's the best approach to get this value ?


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Ekaterina posted this 16 January 2018


We may offer you to create a service field that contains “Document last editor info” point on the Data Source tab.

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daniel.salazari8 posted this 08 March 2018

I have tried using the document last editor info but sadly that was not a proper solution because if your document is 100% ready to export, no user would have edited that document, leaving that field empty during export


I was told by the support team to use this line in a rule script

this.Field("UsuarioActual").Text = FCTools.CurrentUserSession.UserName;     

then add this event handler script "after document state changed"


if (ChangedStates.Has(3) ) //check whether the document was verified





Please let me know if this solution suits you because it didn't work all the time for me.