Handwritten Invoices

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AnneNZ posted this 08 June 2018


I am using FC12 for invoice processing. 

We process around 2,000 invoices per month and about 20% are handwritten. These are from tradesmen who do not use a computer (and most never will).

I have designed a form for them to use in FormDesigner and have some trouble with it.

When I import it into Flexicapture to create the document definition, I need also the invoice settings in there. If I was to copy manually all the settings and scripts etc, into the doc defn would it process correctly?

And then if I made a change in the form would I have to copy everything over again?

Is anyone else doing this (processing written and printed invoices) successfully?

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AlexeyEfremov posted this 08 June 2018


The course of actions should be the following:

- On the Project Setup Station choose the working batch that contains the documents with the fixed forms and force match the invoice definition to them. (You can create one for this purpose) Then go to the Tools > Export batch to FlexiLayout Studio > Create new FlexiLayout Studio project...

Here is the example of the result project for the European Invoice Document Definition: 


- Define  the logic for flexilayout that extracts the regions of the fields of handwritten text (BU, Vendor,  etc). Make sure that the nesting of the output blocks is the same as in invoice project

- Duplicate the invoice document definition and upload the newly created flexilayout as additional flexilayout to it (or setup a simple classificator)

- In the Properties of the fields in the Recognition tab choose ICR recognition for the needed fields.

Hope this helps. Please len me know if you have any questions





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AnneNZ posted this 11 June 2018

Hi Alexey

Thank you for your response. 

I have created the batch and force matched the doc defn. When I try to export the batch to Flexilayout Studio, the options to Create New FL Project and Add to Existing FL Studio project are both greyed out and not available to select.

I can't add a screenshot here unfortunately.

Is there a setting I need to disable/enable so I can export the batch for Flexilayour Studio?






AnneNZ posted this 11 June 2018

Ignore that Alexey - I realised I had to export the project from the server the distributed version is on, and put it on my local machine to be able to do the export.


I have opened the project in Flexilayout and prerecognition doesn't find everything on the page. I assume I am suppoed to add in the regions that match the keywords that are there, but the Flexilayout can't see all the information.

Is there some Help somewhere or training material/a video I can watch to help me please?

AnneNZ posted this 11 June 2018

I have uploaded the FL so you can see what happened. I started adding in an element for Invoice Number but stopped when I realised that nothing was prerecognised.


Ekaterina posted this 21 June 2018


Sorry for the delay with reply. Could you please upload your link?

AnneNZ posted this 21 June 2018


AlexeyEfremov posted this 26 June 2018


Thank you for your patience,

Please find the sample FC and FLS projects here (i have set up the search of the field InvoiceNumber for you as an example):


Please also note that to increase recognition quality, you need to increase scanning resolution of the images to a 300dpi.