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Dilshat Uteshev posted this 3 weeks ago

Hello Experts,

I am trying to capture multipage table with repeating header on each page.
Here I am facing the next issue: Multiple rows are recognized as header. The almost similar problem is described here link.

So following the answer from mentioned link, I used HeaderSearchArea(rect) function. And it works fine with one-page tables. But doesn't work with multipage ones. The possible reason is that HeaderSearchArea() function doesn't take RectArray as an argument.

But describing rects for repeating header of multipage tables requires array of rects not only one rect.

How can I address this issue?

Ver. : FlexiLayout Studio 12.0

Waiting for a possible reply.

Thank you,

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Dilshat Uteshev posted this 2 weeks ago

 Any updates/answers so far?

Ekaterina posted this 2 weeks ago


It is difficult to advise anything without seeing the documents and how your flexi layout matches the table.

One of possible approaches is to create a Repeating Group element with Page mode, and search a one-page table inside it.

To do it please use the following schema: 1) Create Repeating group with single Table element in it; 2) Set properties for repeating group as "Page mode" allowing 0 to 1 repetitions on page and "Exclude previous instances from searcharea" checked. 3)Then create "Table" block and set this repeating group as a source element. The expression for source element must contain AllInstances attribute, like so: