Hot folder import failure

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Neha Joy posted this 03 August 2018

I am using AbbyFlexicaptire12 distributed version.when I try image import from a shared location which has all permission ,I face the error as "the folder access is denied.the object is locked by another user".my processing server and appserver are in same admin console I can see the user account on which the processing server runs is maped to that particular user.processing server runs under network service account.Is it anything related to the hot folder permission or useraccount mapping in the admin console?pls guide me if anyone has come across same situation.thanks

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Ekaterina posted this 06 August 2018


Please check wheter the user under which the processing station works, has rights to the folder folder

Neha Joy posted this 06 August 2018

Hi Ekaterina..thanks for your reply.yes it started working when I gave permission to the network service account on which the processing server runs

Neha Joy posted this 06 August 2018

Is there any restrictions like the hot folder permission should be enabled for only the user who runs the processing server and the user who is an admin in the flexicapture admin console.?becos in some cases I face the error as the file is being locked by another user.

Ekaterina posted this 07 August 2018


If you have such problems, please make the screenshot of the error, collect Windows Application & System Event Logs and send them to your regional support.

Neha Joy posted this 08 August 2018

Thanks Ekaterina