HotFolder Issue as "Cannot access the hotfolder directory" in web verification station

  • Last Post 27 May 2020
Roselin Yohan posted this 26 May 2020


I have tried so many times to import the PDF files through Hotfolder. I am not at all getting the result.

I have given all kind of permissions to the folder and had setup the image import profiles as described in Help topics. But still i am not at all getting the import files to web verification station.

In project properties also I have enabled the Enable web station option still am not getting. I am trying to do this from 3-4days.

Please help me on this

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Vladimir.Dimitrijevic posted this 26 May 2020

Hi Roselin,

Do you find any error message in the Event Log? Have you activated Hot folder import in Administration and Monitoring console?
If yes, does the user you granted rights is the same as user that runs Processing Station service? 
Have you setup Exceptions and Processed folders? And can you find your PDF files in any of these two folders, or PDF files are still in the same hotfolder?

Best regards,

sara posted this 27 May 2020

Hi Mr. Vladmir,

I too have similar issue. Batches are getting created on the station but images are not imported from the email. All settings are proper and users have been granted rights.