How can we copy a training batch and apply it to another vendor?

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AutomatedSoftwareSolutions posted this 5 weeks ago

How can we copy a vendor's training batch and assign it to another vendor?  What we are trying to do is create two or more training batches for the same vendor, so that we can accommodate multiple companies with multiple divisions.  We're thinking of simply creating the multiple divisions that a Vendor deals with as a separate vendor i.e. XYZ, XYZ01, XYZ02, ect., so that we can assign a default GL Code/Account based on the division. Any help is appreciated!

Vladimir Dimitrijevic posted this 2 weeks ago


Indeed there are companies that insert vendor in database as many times as they have departments. But, If VATID or IBAN are also saved in Vendors dataset, when you try to train vendors with different Vendor Id's in dataset, you will see that there would be only one training for that Vendor. Doesn't matter how many Vendor Id exists in dataset for that vendor, there will be always only one training. This is because VATID or IBAN are used as training keys in ABBYY. 

If IBAN and VATID are not used in dataset, then Vendor ID will be used as training key.

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