How to extract data from database to a field

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Ksawa posted this 26 March 2019

Is there any ways to get data from database to fill out a field based on some condition?

There are PO number column and invoice file name column in a table. 
A PO number is an user input and, it is associated to a filename.

The PO number is inserted to a table in the database when an invoice is uploaded to FC meaning PO number and invoices are uploaded at the same time.

The PO number is not shown in invoices images, so I need to get it from database to populate a PO number field.

I tried Database check rule if I can get a data but noticed there is no data in the target field because PO number is in database.

Also I created a data set in Document Definition Property; however, since the minimum update interval is an hour, PO number is not shown in the PO number field after an invoice is sent to recognition stage.

So I was looking for either ways if the update interval can be set to every minute or, if I can get data in PO number column in the table.

Any ideas would help.

Thank you,


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Ekaterina posted this 29 April 2019


If we correctly understand your scenario, you may create the direct SQL query. You shouldn’t execute the dataset updating.