How to get page dimensions in Abbyy Flexicapture as a field

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PhinkTad posted this 20 December 2017


How can I get the dimensions of a page in Abbyy flexicapture and save it as a variable, so I can have it exported?

For example: fieldname: PageDimension

                    fieldvalue: 4000x6000

something like this.


Thank you!

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Ekaterina posted this 21 December 2017


Please use IPictureObject property, see Using scripts in ABBYY FlexiCapture > Scripts for customizing processing stages > Objects > IPictureObject article in the Developer Help

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PhinkTad posted this 27 December 2017

Hi Ekaterina,


I know you can get the value of a field by declaring as below

string str = IField("FieldName").Text;

How do I get the image dimension similar to this? 

Ekaterina posted this 28 December 2017


Please use the IField.Regions[0].Page.Picture.Width / IField.Regions[0].Page.Picture.Height constructions.