How to import an XML file for verification

  • Last Post 27 May 2020
databix posted this 13 May 2020

For a customer i Need to Import an XML based file which contains an encoded PDF Base64. All data, XML tags and PDF, are relevant for further verification. How to Import an XML file as Abbyy only supports Image files?

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Ekaterina posted this 26 May 2020


Could you please clarify your scenario?

databix posted this 26 May 2020

The customer receives orders as PDF or as structured XML files. We use ABBYY FlexiCapture for doing a verification and export verified data to ERP system. General question is how to Import an XML based file?

Kostya Marushchak posted this 27 May 2020

if I understand your scenario you need write some preprocessing script outside of Flexicapture(use whatever language your comfortable with) or maybe rpa tool (Uipath for example). My first choice is powershell here.

I doubt if there is standard functionality. Actually, I was very upset myself that import profiles in Flexicapture has very limited extension points if any. For example I wanted some very simple staff like get text of the email body  or handle archived attachments and not able to do it inside flexicapture.

Your script should have these steps.
1. Extract from xml-file embedded pdf and convert it to normal pdf file (image file).

2. If metadata is useful to you, extract metadata and store it to database. I'm using some custom database on flexicapture server. Use some unique id for link between metadata and image file. Than rename file with this id.  In my use-case I've use salesforce caseId and create import profile from subfolders, because I can have multiple files. Than inside flexicapture I've parsed subfolder name and assign some batch parameter to this caseId. 

3. Inside rule I've used this caseId to lookup stored metadata and after it I'd made comparison logic between information extracted from images and metadata information.