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arturasv posted this 2 weeks ago


 i have flexicapture project with unattended workflow. One of fields region is created in script on event handler "on document state changed":

Document.Field("Section\\Field").AddRegion( Document.Pages[0], "[0,0,100,100]" );

Question is how to initiate recognition event is script on this created region?

I checked - manually it's possible select region and in context menu select "Recognize".


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Ekaterina posted this 2 weeks ago


You may perform the the region placement when the document has Analyzed state (not yet Recognized). Then on the Recognition the added region will be recognized automatically. 

If for some reasons you cannot use this approach, you may create an additional recognition stage in the advanced workflow after the new region is added.

arturasv posted this 1 weeks ago

OK, i understand select region after Analyzed state. In script this is checked like example below

if (ChangedStates.Has(1)){Document.Field("Section\\Field").AddRegion( Document.Pages[0], "[0,0,100,100]" );}

But field not recognized unfortunately. Do must used another event handler?


Ekaterina posted this 5 days ago


We have reproduced your issue and performed deeper investigation in ABBYY internal resources. We've found that, unfortunately, the regions added by AddRegion() method cannot be recognized automatically and you will have to press Crtl+R or manually move region's borders to initiate the recognition. 

Sorry for previous misleading answer.