How to set Batch Type based on Document Definition

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sushil posted this 05 October 2018


How can I setup project station so that batches are created with different batch types based on document definition.

I have already created 2 different batch types and I want the batches to be created with different batch types based on document definition. I am loading documents from Hot Folder. At the moment, they are still getting created as a default batch type.


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kmyers posted this 10 October 2018



Try editing batch type, go to "Recognition" tab, under document definitions select "Use selected Document Definitions".




Ekaterina posted this 10 October 2018


If you are importing from the Hot Folder and documents that should belong to different batch type are imported from different locations, then creating of different Image Import profiles may resolve the situation.

Usually the decision about document's batch type comes before the matching of Document Definition, so it is not possible to change the batch type based on the found Document Definition. However, you may process document differently inside the same batch type, if you will use additional stages with entry conditions based on the found Document's Definition.

Please see the following Help article for more details:

sushil posted this 31 October 2018

Thanks creating different import profiles resolved the issue.