How to track completion of character verification?

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Rahul posted this 07 March 2018


I am using FC11 Distributed. I want to track the completion of character verification (F7) but I am not able to find any such event or script location.
I can not use changed state of doc as 'Verified', because sometimes doc already achieves verified state before verification so no change of state after F7.
My goal is, as soon as the user completes doc verification, I want to export that document. Because I am in a scenario where I can not wait for all documents to be completed of the task for export.

Thanks in advance.

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AlexeyEfremov posted this 16 March 2018

Hello Rahul,

I did some test and searched through similar cases and, unfortunately, there is no event you can subscribe to.

There are 3 workarounds I can suggest:

1. I am not sure how are you exporting the documents before the task is completed, that is why i cannot test this suggestion fully. But what if you subscribe to an event "On Open Document" or "On Activate Document", because operator will move to the next document in the list after completing the verification of the current document. I have tested the script below in "On Open Document" event:

int docCount = DocumentEditor.TaskWindow.DocumentsWindow.Items.Count;


for(int iDoc = 0; iDoc < docCount; iDoc++)


    IDocumentItem docItem = DocumentEditor.TaskWindow.DocumentsWindow.Items[iDoc];

    IDocument doc = docItem.Document;


    if(  doc.UncertainSymbolsCount == 0 && doc.IsVerified){


         // export document here

        if(doc != DocumentEditor.Document)


            // this is because you cannot close the doc that you are opening - otherwise this throws an exception





2. Separate the stages of Data Verification and Verification in your project. If you place the Data Verification before the Verification, you can be sure, that the documents with "Verified" status are ready for export.

3. Separate the documents in the batch as 1 document per 1 task

Please let me know more about your scenario, particularly why you need to export the documents "on the fly", maybe I can suggest something more.

Rahul posted this 12 April 2018

Hi AlexeyEfremov,

Thanks for the efforts.
As my verification operators are doing too many docs a day so I don't want to increase manual actions for verification operators so their productivity will get increased.
My opinion for your three options is as follows:
1. Operator may move through docs within a task to check merging of docs... so 'next doc open' criteria does not suits me.
2. As we deal with format independent docs so can not rely on data verification to export docs without checking actual fields capture during verification.
3. as this activity of open/close tasks is more time consuming so we kept 25 docs limit for tasks. So can not use this option of 1 doc/task.

To achieve fast 'Service Level Agreements' I need to export docs on the fly. I have a programmer to make data XML and can save PDF of the doc on the fly.

AlexeyEfremov posted this 13 April 2018

Hello Rahul,

I have forwarded the description of your issue to our analytics department. They will examine your case and possibly make a suggestion.

I have suggested to them 2 possible feature requests:

- To create a new event handler "Data Verification Complete"

- To create an option "Set document in 'Verified' status only after Data verification is complete"

I hope it will be implemented or resolved by any means in the future FC releases.

Your sincerely,