How to use web service to import images and get verification task in station ?

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Ivan posted this 27 December 2018

Hi all,

I refer the API sample(Processing Multiple Documents in One Batch) from development guide to develop a web service tool.

But, the different is I use advanced workflow instead of unattended like below:


In the project setup station or admin console, I can find the batch or task is running and enter the verification stage(state is display waiting).

But I can't get any task in queue when I open the verification station as senior verification operator.

I use the windows authentication with the same user both in web service and station, It seems no permission problem. Besides, use OpenSession with parameter (12,10)/(6,3).

Is there anything wrong or web service only can get verification task by itself?

Thanks in advance.

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hawkeye69 posted this 27 December 2018

I want to add to this. I believe that I am having the same problem. I can create batches using web services, but when I do I cannot see the batches in Verification (thick or thin client) as a task - they don't show up in the Queue. I can only see the batch in Verification in "Batch" view, not in the "Queue" view. I would like to solve this problem too.

I had to use Hot Folders to import to get the documents to view in a queue. I would like to create batches in FC from the web services.

I tried many different parameters for "OpenSession" as well - I could not find a combination that corrected this problem.

I am on FC 12 R2.

I am currently working on creating task to see if that solves the problem. No luck so far.

I can tell you that I ran Fiddler and opened up Web Scanning and ran a trace while uploading a document. If I use web scanning I can see the tasks in Queues. Web scanning seems to use these same web service methods. According to Fiddler, it did so in the following order:






[repeat] AddNewDocument()

AddNewPage() [repeat]





I noticed that web scanning never uses "AddNewImage()". I think you are working from the same example that I am. I think we are both trying to solve the same problem.



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Ekaterina posted this 21 January 2019


Could you please make sure that the "allow web station" check mark is enabled?

hawkeye69 posted this 08 February 2019

Yes, this is enabled. If I create a batch using Scan Station, I can view the tasks just fine. If I create the batch in the above way using API web methods, I cannot see the tasks.




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hawkeye69 posted this 20 February 2019

Ivan, did you ever get a resolution to this?


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Ivan posted this 21 February 2019

Dear Adrian,

Unfortunately, I still have the same problem and wait for response from Ekaterina or others.

hawkeye69 posted this 01 March 2019

Ivan, I might have a resolution for you, thanks to a couple friends at ABBYY. For me this turned out to be the ownerId in the AddNewBatch method. The ownerId needs to be set to 0. I was setting it to the current logged in user. Once I set this to 0 (zero) the batches started showing up as tasks in Queues view.