IActionResult.Result is null in "after export completed" event

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mfeldman posted this 01 September 2017

My goal is to perform some post-processing on an XML file generated by FC 11. 

My plan is to use a “after export completed” event so that I can examine the IActionResult.Result field to determine where the file was written to.


  • 1.     Is this a reasonable way to implement my goal?  That is, should document.Action be non-null in a export completed event?
  • 2.     Is there a better way? 

Please see https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3v5vAfaHdENTVpGRFNPQzA1OTQ/view?usp=sharing file for code snippet and screen snippets.

Thank you,

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Ekaterina posted this 07 September 2017


Sorry for delay in answering. We've reproduced the issue on our side and discovered in ABBYY internal resources, that it is a known Help bug: IDocument::Action is only available in the export scripts and is read-only.

As most probably it will result in Help article correction, not in IDocument::Action implementation in post-export, you'll need to find other way of resolving this problem, possibly by writing the Custom Export script. 

If you describe your goal in more details, we'll try to find a workaround for you.

mfeldman posted this 07 September 2017

ABBYY already did supply an answer.    :-)
The online help for FC12 gave me the information I needed to develop solution shown below.

The post-export event provides a IDocumentsExportResults.  That provides a IDocumentExportResults.
That provides a IActionResult, which provides the Result.


public void XML2EDI(IDocumentsExportResults exportResults, IProcessingCallback callback) {
            foreach (IDocumentExportResults documentResults in exportResults)
                msgbox("documentResults: docId=" + documentResults.Document.Id);
                foreach (IActionResult actionResult in documentResults.OfType<IActionResult>())
                    String name = actionResult.Name;
                    bool applied = actionResult.Applied;
                    String filename = actionResult.Result;
                    msgbox("\tname=" + name);
                    msgbox("\tapplied=" + applied.ToString());
                    msgbox("\tfilename=" + filename);

documentResults: docId=3
    name=Export to data files