Identifying Multipage documents in flexi layout studio

  • Last Post 30 July 2018 posted this 20 July 2018

Hi All,

I have an Invocie of multiple pages(2).


I have created header and footer elements. I made it clear that header is only available in the first document and footer in the last.


But when i try to match it with a 2 page invoice, i can see footer not available in first page and header in the second page.


The same has been observed with other elements created.


Please help me in matching my layout to a multipage invoice

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Ekaterina posted this 25 July 2018


Could you please to send us your project, samples and describe your capture logic? posted this 25 July 2018

 Hi Ekaterina,


I am unable to upload my flexilayout project. Please let me know if there is any other alternative.

 Please check the link below if you are able to access.

Thank You.



Ekaterina posted this 30 July 2018


We have downloaded the files and we have seen that the Document Definition had unpublished changes by ABBYYAdmin user. We cannot open this Definition, please publish the changes and send us the project again.