Image enhancement tool in FC 12 R2

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diskoboy posted this 27 November 2018


I'm creating a project where we want to scan ID cards (drivers licenses and other identification cards).

I'm using FC 12 R2 version

I've created a profile with:

- Auto Crop

- Remove ISO Noice

- Photo Correction

- Deskrew

- Despecle

Information about the images: All photos are in PDF format so at some point they must have been converted using a tool I don't know anything about.


My problem is that on random photos they are cropped so only 1/3 of the drivers license is shown on the output (background is also removed)

On the original image the ID card is approx 20-30% of the whole image and I have a lot of images that are cropped correctly.

What are the reason for it's cropping totally wrong?

Customer wont allow me to send images to Abbyy or anyone else (GDPR)

Thanks in advance

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Ekaterina posted this 05 December 2018


Sorry, we cannot find causes of this behavior without images' samples. Could you please try to create some mock-up images that will demonstrate the same behavior but will not be subjects to GDPR, and send them to us with the FC project?

diskoboy posted this 05 December 2018


Is the customer starts complaining, I'll have to come up with some kind of idea how to send the images to you. (of cource the customer has to agree)

I don't want to change the PDF files or tage a screenshot since it might "destroy" the problem.

Let's close the case for now and hopefully it's not a problem.

Ekaterina posted this 06 December 2018


If the problem persists, you may contact to your regional support and get more confidence and more accurate consultation.