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John_TheGuy posted this 05 April 2018

Hi All,


When using the import profile IMAP, is this suppose to import all email each time it runs? 
I've set the 'Check hot folder' to every minute and every 1 minute it only imports ONE email. I was hoping it would pull out all the emails. Is there anyway I can make it do this?

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Ekaterina posted this 15 April 2018


The number of files to add can be set up in MAPI import profile in "Number of files to add" dropdown list. Possible variants include "One file", "Several files, "All files" and some more other variants.

Please find more information in Administrator's Help topic "Image import profiles" (Program settings-> Image import profiles), in section Creating an import profile with a hot folder or from mail, in step 2.


John_TheGuy posted this 15 April 2018


This is why I was very confused. The dropdown list next to "Number of files to add" only comes up with what I can export. 
"According to description file", "Attachments" and "Message bodies and Attachments". Is this a bug or is it intended?

Ekaterina posted this 16 April 2018


The "Number of files to add" option has different variant sets for import from local folder and from email. For all import from email profile types only one email is imported in one import attempt. Please mention that one email message can have several image file attachments, and selection of files to add seems to be impossible at this level. XML description file can be used to set up the destination batch name and a rule fore image assembling into documents in the batch.

If you use import from email, please enable "Check Hot Folder every" option, set time interval and all email messages will be imported one by one in series of attempts.