Import images from outlook (Email)

  • Last Post 29 June 2018
Abbyy_user0707 posted this 22 June 2018

I have created a project with email import options and uploaded to server. When I start the project its not loading documents from outlook. Getting error like this "Batches to delete count: 0 " and  "The logon did not succeed. Please try again later."

Its loading the image, when I am select import option manually. Why its not happening when I am processing through server (un-attended)?

Please help..





Ekaterina posted this 29 June 2018


Please try to run your complex under NetworkServices and check you anti-virus PO (some processes may block FC access to the Outlook). If the problem still persists please contact our regional support, send the screenshot of your Outlook settings, AINFO logs (, system logs and wireshark logs (see the instruction,)