Internal Progam Error

  • Last Post 27 September 2019
Jean posted this 05 July 2019

Hi all,

In training batch for invoice, i imported a specific layout in generic training/learning batch and I tried to recognize an invoice in my test batch.

During the recognition I've an error type: Document 1: Page 1: Internal Program Error :. \ Src \ FormMatchingResultImpl.cpp, 405.

I dont know it, if someone can help me, please?





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mharper posted this 10 July 2019

Do you have a script running during your 'Before Matching' event? 

If not, the fastest way to resolve this would be a reinstall or repair of the application server.

At what workflow stage is the error occurring?

Ekaterina posted this 27 September 2019


It will be great if you address this issue to the regional support. They can create the reclamation for this case if the bug will be confirmed.

Please send them the project, sample images, scenario description (what do you exactly do to achieve this results) , and full text of the IPE.