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MyAvatar posted this 17 December 2018


I have a specific vendor where the InvoiceDate is written in reverse.

Value is: 18-12-07   It should datewise tranlate to 07-12-2018.
I have created a training batch and corrected the date element to read it in reverse Year, month, day.
This does not work when the value is returned to captureStudio and the InvoiceDate field.

Instead we have another field for string values (characterstring) finds 07-12-18 just fine....
Now I need to change the value in the Advanced pre-search relations field to 07.12.2018.

Does anybody have a small code snippet.?

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irahmat posted this 24 December 2018

Hi ,


You need to create a rule on InvoiceDate and little bit coding follow your logic.




Ekaterina posted this 25 December 2018


The training allows only to change the position of fields before recognition. You cannot train fields to be recognized in specific way, it can be done by Rules.

You can write a Rule script that will change the Text value of InvoiceDate field by swapping the first and the last number fragments.
The rule can also include the VendorId field in it, so that you check if you are dealing with the specific Vendor that uses special Date format.

Please find the article about the script Rules in the online Help: