Is there any chance to export Training details into Excel

  • Last Post 10 January 2018
Sunil Edupuganti posted this 03 January 2018


I want to export the Training details into Excel. Is it possible??

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Ekaterina posted this 09 January 2018


Could you please precise, what do you mean by "export training details"? Please also clarify your scenario and FC version.

Sunil Edupuganti posted this 09 January 2018

Hi Ekaterina,

Actually we have Training batches in project setup station. So, i want to export the Training batch details in to Excel. I am using FC11 Distributed

Ekaterina posted this 09 January 2018


The FC11 Training creates a FlexiLayout variant, that is later used to give more accurate matching of the Invoice layout. 

How do you expect to have FlexiLayout variant exported into Excel? What data should the resulting export file contain?

Sunil Edupuganti posted this 09 January 2018

I want to export the following details to Excel.

Vendor Name

Status of Training (like Stable or, Training or Collecting Samples)

No. of Invoices in training batch

Ekaterina posted this 10 January 2018


It looks like you need to write queries to the FC11 Database directly for your purposes.

To know the status of the document in the training batch, you may use the table dbo.DocumentParameter that stores the registration parameter fc_predefined: TraningState. 

The current status of a document can be seen there, possible values are: new (for training), checking (for testing), NULL (not used).

The “Vendor Name” field is accessible either from the Batch name or from the corresponding Document field. 

Number of training documents in the Batch is accessible as IBatch: : Documents.Count.

However, please be informed, that all reports and applications that are based on undocumented features that you extract directly from the FCI DB are used at your own risk, as ABBYY may always change the inner logic without any notification in some future release and then all related functionality will be broken.