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ibrar posted this 07 December 2017


     I m unable to sort and issue. Abby Flexicapture show no item selected but propoer checked by candidate and Abbyy Show multiple option selected but no option is actually select.


Please guide 

Ibrar shah

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ibrar posted this 07 December 2017

I am using 11 version of Flexicapture 

Ekaterina posted this 11 December 2017


Looks like in your case the "Allow corrections" option is enabled, that considers inked out checkmarks as unselected. Please disable this option for better results.

Here is the explanation about the "allow corrections" friom the FC Help:

"Allow corrections – enable this option if you want to allow corrections of any checkmarks: in this case inked out checkmarks will be considered unselected. But if you have selected the Auto type, you may not allow corrections of such checkmarks."

Rustam Tagayev posted this 27 December 2017

Hello my problem is the same. but in my case Allow corrections option is disabled. In color view I can see check but program doesn't and in black and white mode check is completely invisible.

see attached print screens of same paper in black and color views modes. program cant recognize check



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Ekaterina posted this 28 December 2017


Please set the custom threshold. See tis topic for more details: