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ABBYY_User2103 posted this 07 May 2019

In project setup station I've created a service field and in data source tab of the service field, I selected "Document recognized symbols count". 

I've created a text field to capture the invoice number and the invoice number length was 15.

When I publish and load the image in the service field it was showing as 17 but the recognized fields as only 15. 

I've enclosed the screenshot with this post.

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Ekaterina posted this 19 August 2019


In the service field with "recognized symbols count" data source the program shows the count of all symbols, punctuation marks, spaces, checkmarks, groups of checkmarks and fields. 

ABBYY_User2103 posted this 19 August 2019

Thanks for the reply.

But in my attached image you can see it consist of alphabets, number, special symbol (-) and there was no space in between those letters.

So when we count from the beginning its count was 15 (there are no spaces) but showing the result as 17.

Ekaterina posted this 19 August 2019


Yes. But it contains at least the one field (look at the screenshot. It is the count from the empty field) and one more element else that I do not see.