Line Items Training

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mihainaum posted this 01 August 2019



I am unable to find a way in which to train line items that works well!

Currently, in the training batches, after the initial recognition I delete the table and then create it by myself, manually. This seems to help the recognition results, but not by a large margin. I strongly believe there is a better way of doing this than the one I am currently using. Does anyone have any idea of which is the best way to train the extraction of lineitems?

Ekaterina posted this 2 days ago


It is highly recommended to use FlexiLayout Studio for LineItems extraction.
You can try to extract line items via creating a table or a repeating group.
If you have already used it, fine-tuning of your Line Items can be done there.
If you have not proceeded with the FL Studio yet, you may:
- either export layout from Project Setup Sation>Field Extraction Training batch>select batch>right click>select Export Trained FlexiLayout>then open saved layout in the Flexilayout Studio;
- or create your own FlexiLayout from the beginning.