Line Items Training

  • Last Post 06 December 2019
mihainaum posted this 01 August 2019



I am unable to find a way in which to train line items that works well!

Currently, in the training batches, after the initial recognition I delete the table and then create it by myself, manually. This seems to help the recognition results, but not by a large margin. I strongly believe there is a better way of doing this than the one I am currently using. Does anyone have any idea of which is the best way to train the extraction of lineitems?

Ekaterina posted this 06 December 2019


It is highly recommended to use FlexiLayout Studio for LineItems extraction.
You can try to extract line items via creating a table or a repeating group.
If you have already used it, fine-tuning of your Line Items can be done there.
If you have not proceeded with the FL Studio yet, you may:
- either export layout from Project Setup Sation>Field Extraction Training batch>select batch>right click>select Export Trained FlexiLayout>then open saved layout in the Flexilayout Studio;
- or create your own FlexiLayout from the beginning.