Log Operator Names in Web Verification

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Lukas R posted this 2 weeks ago

I am looking for a way to log the name of the operators that worked on the Web Verification Station. I need to be able to see the name (or windows credentials etc.) of both operators (we have a two stage verification) that performed the verification in the export. Is there a way to achieve this?

Thank you

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Vladimir.Dimitrijevic posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi Lukas,

Yes of course. In most of the projects we are logging all data to database tables - recognized data after the first Recognition, ad then data which user changed during the verification process (each time verification is performed), as few users can work on one document in several other stages we are using. 
You would need to create few workflow stages to accomplish this, one Parking stage after Recognition and one Parking stage to which will be routed each time Verification stage is performed, and also add Routing stage that would take care about the document routing between the Verification stages.

You can also create same workflow stage between 2 verification stages, without using Routing, however you feel it is easier for you. If you are a newbie, I know that this would not be easy, but this approach is very useful in case you need to prove which user made a mistake, as it can often happen in big companies.

Best regards,

Lukas R posted this 2 weeks ago

Hey Vladimir,

thank you for your promt response. I found the database to where this data is logged. In my case it is called StatisticTasks and I can see the ProcessingStageName and the UserName for each Batch. This is exactly the data I need. 

Is there an alternative to query the data from the database after the fact, since the script would be more robust when we wouldn't need to wait for the data to be saved in this database for then to query it and save it in a different database? Is there a way to extract these attributes directly via script from flexicapture and not from the database? I understand that I would have to add extra steps in the workflow after each verification step. Can you give me the name of the object / attribute (I tried using :

string userName = System.Security.Principal.WindowsIdentity.GetCurrent().Name;)?


Thank you



Vladimir.Dimitrijevic posted this 4 days ago

Hi Lukas,

Be aware that EventLog data will be deleted from database after xx days, as it is set for each project. Yes, there is a way to extract username from FlexiCapture and it is better to use scripts, take a look at these two topics how to extract username:

Best regards,

Ansgar Hinerasky (DE) posted this 2 days ago

 Hi Vladimir,


the both links describes an access to the username over the property "FCTools.CurrentUserSession.UserName;" But this contains the AppPool User reps. the technical App User and not the current real username (e.g. my name or my windows username). We use the web verification station.

Is there another way to get the real username?


Best regards,



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