Logs for Verification Station

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Branderinn posted this 05 July 2019

Hello. We have our project querying a large table by social security number. If you try and enter through the social security field in Verification Station, OR if the number isn't recognized and you have to change it, it often takes 25-30 seconds (or more) for Verification Station to pull back data from the table. Our technical support person would like to be able to see the event logs for Verification Station so he can specifically see why this process is taking so long. Where can we access this information? 



Ekaterina posted this 5 weeks ago


The following logs are available in the FlexiCapture complex:
- task log (Processing Server Monitor > Tasks > double-click on the task entry to see details)
- event log (could be found in the Administration and Monitoring Console, http://<AppServer>/FlexiCapture12/Monitoring/#Processing/EventLog)
- Windows Event logs (Application branch)
- Processing Server/Station trace logs, http://help.abbyy.com/en-us/flexicapture/12/distributed_administrator/procserver , see "Service log" node

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