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Osanchis posted this 06 February 2018


I'm using Flexilayout to classify different documents, by the first page and in the assembly tab of the Document Definition I enabled Annex pages. 

When I have in the document different pages and one of them could be similiar to an existing document definition it never became an annex page, and I have problems with the structure of the document. The only way to fix it is forcing Annex Pages manually. 

I would like to use custom assembly rules, forcing that from the second page until the end of the document (the documents came separated by barcode) would be annex pages (without recognition). I tried scripting in VBScript and I couldn't fix the problem.

Could you help me?

Thanks in advance.

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Ekaterina posted this 08 February 2018


Please check your documents on the FLS. If some headers will be found in the annex pages you should define them strictly. Also on the FC level in the Document Definition Editor check the assembly tab settings.

Ekaterina posted this 21 March 2018


Sorry, we cannot answer in the private messages, all support should be public on this forum. If the proposed solution does not satisfy you, please feel free to disagree with us in the public threads, it's OK.

Osanchis posted this 21 March 2018


first of all sorry about the private message, I post my message to share with everybody:

" posted a doubt and tried to do what you recommend me, I define the FLS without the "Allow multipage" and in the document definition I enabled "Annex Pages" from 0 to 50.

My problem is that I have a Document Definition called "Other Documents" without FLS, and the purpose of that DD is to be assigned when no other DD were recognized. My main problem is some pages of the documents are recognized as "Other Documents" and I can't mark as "Prohibited Element" any of the words recognized.

Do you think that is possible to use assembling by an script? It should be like recognize the first page and all the other forced to be annex pages (it's not necessary to try to recognize) and if it's not recognized the first page has to be assigned as "Other Documents".

Thank you in advance for your help."

Ekaterina posted this 22 March 2018


Please look at the "before matching" event handler and the related objects. 

The corresponding FlexiCapture 11 Help topic is:

Using scripts in ABBYY FlexiCapture > Scripts for customizing processing stages > Types of scripts > Event handlers > Before matching