Main page and all the other as annex

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Osanchis posted this 3 weeks ago


I'm using Flexilayout to classify different documents, by the first page and in the assembly tab of the Document Definition I enabled Annex pages. 

When I have in the document different pages and one of them could be similiar to an existing document definition it never became an annex page, and I have problems with the structure of the document. The only way to fix it is forcing Annex Pages manually. 

I would like to use custom assembly rules, forcing that from the second page until the end of the document (the documents came separated by barcode) would be annex pages (without recognition). I tried scripting in VBScript and I couldn't fix the problem.

Could you help me?

Thanks in advance.

Ekaterina posted this 3 weeks ago


Please check your documents on the FLS. If some headers will be found in the annex pages you should define them strictly. Also on the FC level in the Document Definition Editor check the assembly tab settings.