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aparschalk posted this 05 June 2018

Hi all!

I am using FC 12 Standalone and have implemented a fixed layout multipage form. Each document consists of a cover page followed by multiple 2 page forms, scanned duplex. The pages being scanned are not sorted manually before and can therefore be scanned backside first, which will of course disallow correct document assembly and recognition. The batch sizes are quite large and sorting manually by drag-and drop is not the best option therefore I tried to implement swapping pages scanned backside first.

First i tried a document assembly script, but at this stage I do not seem to be allowed to manipulate the batch structure (IBatch.MovePage()).  Then  I thought it would be best to create a user command script to do this and add a button to a toolbar executing the command re-sorting the pages, but changing the skin (project->settings->general->tools) seems to do nothing in the administrator station (which is the only station available in my FC12 Standalone). How would I be able to execute this user command script in the administrator station?

Is there a better way to implement the sorting of backside-first scanned pages?




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Ekaterina posted this 06 June 2018


According to the description of your task, it cannot be done in the Standalone version.

aparschalk posted this 07 June 2018

Thank you very much for your answer, Ekaterina!

Just to clarify: it is not possible at all to change batch structure (moving pages, merging documents) non-manually based on the matching results of the images in this version of the software?

Best regards,


Ekaterina posted this 07 June 2018


Yes, it is impossible. But you may do it in the Distributed version.

aparschalk posted this 07 June 2018

Thank you.