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mihainaum posted this 23 July 2019



I have a rather big problem when it comes to processing multipage invoices using EuropeanInvoice.

I have a PDF with multiple invoices, each of them having a number of pages ranging from 1 to 5

When I load the pdf into a test batch, with the "Automatically when Document Definition is applied" option selected for the batch, each page becomes one document, which is obviously wrong.

I heard that I have to create a new FlexiLayout, give it a header and a footer, export it and then add it to the EuropeanInvoice document definition as an additional layout.

I did that, but it was useless, it does nothing to influence the pages , it still takes each page of the pdf as a separate document. 

Can anyone help me, please? I have been trying to solve this issue for a rather long time but seem to get nowhere.

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Hajar Herrou posted this 23 July 2019

Hello ,

I have the same problem .

Any idea about how to fix this issue??

Best Regards.


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Vishal Trivedi posted this 24 July 2019


When you are creating the definition make sure the uniq value set for the header and footer. first-page contain header value and last page contain footer value. let me know if you still get the error.



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mihainaum posted this 24 July 2019

I have managed to solve my problem with splitting the invoices in an even better way!

For everyone that has this problem, take a look at this video. Do exactly what the person does, copy the scripts, and it will all work wonders.


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Vishal Trivedi posted this 25 July 2019

Great, Perfect answer for the static multiple same types of invoice.